'I did it'!

Personal Trainer Beth Alden shares her personal story

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  • My clothes are fitting better already!

    I can’t say enough about the level of commitment, passion and knowledge Beth and her team at Kickstart offer to their clients. As someone that struggles with weight and fitness it is a huge comfort to me that Beth has taken the time to coach me on my mission to become healthy. About 5 weeks ago we have added a new 80% plant based Juicing diet to the training program. This has been an incredible change for me. I’m down 12 lbs and my clothes are fitting better already! What really blows me away about this new program is just how easy it is and how I am not struggling with hunger at all. I feel more in balance and my energy level and mental clarity has improved significantly. I would recommend this program to anyone that has tried and is still struggling to lose weight and get healthy. It has been a game changer for me. Thank you Beth!


  • I feel like I can’t fail at Kickstart.

    When I discovered Kickstart Fitness through a friend’s recommendation, I was pleasantly surprised. Kickstart Fitness isn’t just a gym, it’s a Wellness Centre whose magic is found in the energy of the membership. Whether beginners, or seasoned athletes, we are all part of the Kickstart family and find here a non-judgemental, friendly, encouraging environment in which to challenge ourselves to be our best. The staff is knowledgable and experienced, and whether you are looking for personal training, group exercises, nutritional advice, or just a welcoming place to work out, Kickstart staff are there to help. We’re all travelling down that road to fitness and are helping each other succeed. That energy is contagious and keeps me motivated.

  • Thanks for who you are and what you do!

    When I tell my colleagues about why I love coming to Kickstart, I tell them about you and the leadership and modeling you provide.  Here is what Kickstart has delivered for me:-

    • dignity and acceptance regardless of age, size, shape, fitness level
    • no judgment, no sense of superiority – we all have a story
    • sense of team / community – eye contact, smiles, words of encouragement
    • support your team members provide
    • delivering the best workout in the time we have in class
    • a “Can do” attitude that is modeled and encouraged/expected – “Yes, you can” – one step at a time, keep going, tomorrow is a new day

    laughter, the spirit, the camaraderie you feel and see every day


  • I don’t plan to change this new lifestyle

    “For the last couple of decades I referred to myself as “short and round”. I was active, yoga twice a week, some golf and walking my dog about 2 hours a day. I was also a size 14 a little tight sometimes, a little looser at other times.  I never graduated to size 16 or Size 12. Like everyone I tried fad diets and even Weight Watchers twice the pounds went back on. Then… at age 63 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and the onset of highblood pressure. I had to do something!! I saw Beth’s ad and decided to join. What a change… I learned about portion control and healthy eating.  I now make good choices when it comes to my diet. I learned to work out and enjoy it. The support was unbelievable, the recipes were easy and yummy, the group was a lot of fun.  Beth was there the whole time. At the end of 16 weeks, I had lost 23 pounds and 26 inches, my BMI went down by 13% and I am now a size 10 (my goal is size 8). It’s been exhilarating and it is the best money I ever spent!! By the way, my blood sugar is now flat (around 6.1) and my blood pressure is
    normal!!! I also gave away all my size 14 clothes because I don’t plan to change this new lifestyle.”

    Denyse Widdifield

  • Yes, I did it

    Despite all the kudos that are coming to ME right now, I always want to hand the congrats over to you.  Yes, I did it, but I truly believe in my bones that without you and the way you motivated me I wouldn’t have been standing up there exposing my hand warmers.

    Dianne Anderson

  • Joining the Biggest loser program with Beth Alden

    I knew I needed to do something about my weight and life.  I was in a rut and needed someone to get me on track.  I knew deep down I could not do this on my own.  Not only did I lose 21 pounds, I gained energy, feel great and can do things now that I had not done in 20 years. IT IS A LIFE CHANGE NOT A DIET, thanks to Beth I have figured that out!


  • I am forever grateful.

    My kickstart journey started 3.5 Years ago. Weighing in over 300 lbs. How did I get there? I’m still figuring that out. I have had great success along with lots of falling down and struggling to get back up. Self sabotage, negativity and the uncomfortable feeling of people’s attention have held me hostage. I’m not sure when things changed exactly but I am recognizing every single win big or small and feeling proud of myself and moving ahead with things shifting daily. The team at Kickstart and the amazing people who become your support system and new family are there for me.

  • I have been to many ‘gyms’ and mostly hated them all

    The best way to describe the benefits of Beth Alden’s Kickstart Fitness is getting me “under control”. I came in with weight, health and food addiction issues. Sound familiar? Thought you might. It is an all too common scenario. I am not that person anymore.
    Beth and her staff understand. The programs are designed to help all aspects of well being – physical, nutritional and even, indirectly, emotional. That has been my experience. My goals and personal needs became Beth’s. And, simply put, it worked for me. Beth Alden’s Kickstart Fitness has now become an important part of my life. I feel better, am told that I look younger, even at 68, and certainly have tons more energy. And I have made friends within the supportive Kickstart family. I started going to classes and personal training with apprehension, always looking for an excuse not to go. Now, with Kickstart, I can’t wait to go!


  • I can’t tell you how happy I am!

    Before meeting Beth Alden I tried every diet trick in the book. Within the first week of working with her as a personal trainer and nutrition coach i found out that there is no easy trick to weight loss besides hard work and dedication to a diet. Her attentiveness and devotion to her clients is next to none. I cant tell you how happy I am that I walked into her gym 5 years ago, she has changed my life, saved my life and allowed me to be live a happy and long life.