IP workout

Want to make a change in the comfort of your home - No equipment used

These workouts follow the Ideal Protein protocol on exercise allowed in phase 1 of the program
Keep your heart rate down while toning muscles as you burn fat with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method
Parksville Pharmasave Ideal Protein Weight Loss program has partnered up with Beth Alden, fitness coach with KickStart Fitness to be their personal Fitness instructor. Beth has been fully trained on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and has full understanding how much the body is allowed to move in Phase I of the program. For only $25 per month you will have access to 30 specific approved workouts where no equipment is needed and every workout is only 20 minutes long. You will receive a weekly calendar of the workouts so you know what is coming and can check them off as you complete each workout. Each night you will receive by email you personal Ideal Protein Weight Loss workout program for the next day. You can do this workout ANYWHERE with me, no equipment and modifications provided for all levels.

Whether you have worked out in the past or this is your first time working out – this program is perfect for you. All you need to do is click on the tab below which will take you to our point of sale sight. Create your account and then proceed to the online store. You will see a product that says Ideal Protein online workout.